SSCW General information

Syrian Society for the Conservation of Wildlife (SSCW) is a Non-Governmental Organization, concerned with the conservation of biodiversity of various ecosystems and their respective components (including animals, plants, and terrestrial, marine and fresh water organisms). SSCW also aims at the rehabilitation of ecosystems and endangered species, under different degrees of threat and contributes to reducing the effects of pollution,


Operating within the Syrian Arab Republic, SSCW works in close cooperation with national environmental authorities and local communities, in collaboration with national and international partners and NGOs, as well as donors to achieve its objectives.

Formally established on the 11th of November 2003, under decree (1733), and later announcement in the Official Gazette, Volume 10, of the year 2004. The establishment of SSCW was the fruit of efforts initiated in 2002 by environment and wildlife enthusiasts to create a society for the conservation of wildlife in Syria.

SSCW resorts to various tools to establish its goals, including nature reserves, genetic banks, in-situ and ex-situ conservation, awareness campaigns, ecotourism, clean and alternative energies, and organized hunting through hunting clubs.

SSCW is actively involved in improving management of biodiversity, and wildlife in particular. Optimizing practices to ensures the development of local communities through capacity building of various groups, increasing their environmental awareness, rights and responsibilities relaying the latest findings of studies and research.

Our mission & vision
SSCW Vision:

SSCW is a pioneer organization that works for a sustainable wildlife within a frame of solid relations and partnerships to the development of the society.

SSCW Mission:

SSCW works to protect the wildlife, its natural ecosystems, habitats and environment in a balanced and sustainable manner, through gaining internal regional and international support to respond to the needs of humanity and wildlife and to link that to local development programs within a constructive and participatory approach.

SSCW Strategic Objectives
– Work on raising awareness and needed ecological education to save nature with its elements and richness.

– Contribute to preparing researches and ecological studies to be submitted to concerned authorities aiming to take appropriate actions in order to put their results into practice.

– Cooperate and coordinate with government ministries and its institutions on the subject of the wildlife and environment and its protection to improve environment maintenance methods and its natural resources.

– Cooperate with international organizations and non-governmental bodies working in the field of wildlife, environment and natural resources to develop the programs and methods of protecting the environment and preserving its safety.

– Promote for SSCW as a national pioneer side in the field of wildlife protection and conservation.

– Work to build an effective network of members and volunteers at the national level.

– Active participation in national programs for the management of nature reserves including special protection initiatives.

– Contribute to the management of the components of biodiversity and ecosystems.

– Take an effective national role in regulating the activity of Fishing and wild Hunting.

– Contribute to the national program for eco-tourism and insert its concepts as means to support wildlife and develop related communities.

– Contribute to national capacity-building in the field of the protection and sustainability of biodiversity.

SSCW Strategies

2004- SSCW sets its First Strategy

SSCW embarked on its first strategic plan 2004-2008 in a comprehensive meeting of the members.

Dr. Rana Al Akhal; an external consultant led the strategy discussions and played a major role in facilitating the debate.

The Strategic Plan can be considered as a very ambitious step for the newborn society. The Strategic Plan included 11 Strategic Objectives underneath it falls 44 Practical Objective.

2009 – SSCW approves its Second Strategic Plan

SSCW held a major workshop to its members to review its First Strategy 2004-2008 and agree on a new strategy 2009-2013.

Mr. Tarek Abu Al Hawa; an external consultant led the strategy discussions and played a major role in facilitating the debate.

The interactive sessions were very transparent and direct revising all the progress achieved in the last six years appreciating the pioneering efforts that positioned SSCW as a leader in biodiversity conservation in Syria.

The new strategy adopted a more realistic approach in guiding future actions building on the successes of the last period.

2014- New SSCW Strategic Plan 2014 -2016

Realizing the state of war in Syria along with its implications on nature and people in Syria, SSCW organized a major event to review its actions and agree on a new strategy for the current situation in the country. While keeping its vision unchanged, SSCW agreed on a short-term vision to:

  • Strengthen relationships with institutions, other related stakeholders and Members,
  • Develop its own capacity and make sure its systems and structures are strong so that it is in the best position to keep growing as much as possible, and
  • Where possible, work with communities, scientific institutions and others in priority areas for the benefit of nature.

The new plan shortened the Strategic Objectives into three with focus on five priority geographic areas after a detailed discussion that benefited from international experiences of war impact on biodiversity conservation work.

2019- War-Exit New SSCW Strategy

SSCW is preparing itself to the post-war period in Syria. SSCW is aiming to revive in full force nature conservation efforts in the country while restoring peace and security in wide areas of the country.

The totally national-led process engaged all the members of the Society along with national consultant and reviewed all previous actions of the Society since its first strategy back in 2004.

The new strategy 2019-2022 included seven Objectives with six priority geographic areas in the country. The strategy included for the first time a set of agreed SSCW values and another set of indicators related to the activities under the agreed objectives.

SSCW is determined to establish itself as a pioneering NGO in Syria leading on the biodiversity conservation while serving local communities promoting harmony between man and nature hoping that the war in the country will be coming to a peaceful end.

Active Founding Members:
Dr. Akram Eissa Darwich
Mr. Osama Al-Nouri
Mr. Marwan Anhouri
Mr. Waleed Attar
Mr. Maan Ka'adan
Chairs of the Board:

the Board of the Society was chaired since its establishment by the following:


Mrs. Hounada Sadat
2018 – till now
Dr . Nabegh Ghazal Asswad

2012 – 2018

Mr. Marwan Anhouri
2008 – 2012
Dr. Akram Eissa Darwich
2006 – 2008
Dr. Faisal Hamed
2004 – 2006